UNDOF peacekeepers (file)
UNDOF peacekeepers (file)Flash 90

Inspectors at the Jordan River Customs house, together with Jordan River YASAM (police special forces) and the Tax Authority K9 Unit, on Sunday foiled an attempt to smuggle liquid cocaine disguised as perfume-making kits.

Three United Nations workers who serve at the Syrian border were detained by officers from the Northern District Police YGL unit on suspicion of smuggling.

During the day, the UN staff arrived at the border crossing between Jordan and Israel. A routine inspection by the Tax and Airport Authorities at the crossing raised the suspicion of the inspectors toward the perfume-making kits that the travelers brought with them, which included a bottle of liquid.

The kits were sent for a more precise inspection, which also included an inspection by a dog. The inspection found that the liquid in the bottles was liquid cocaine. The UN workers were sent for questioning by the Northern District Police.

The confiscated drugs
The confiscated drugsTax Authority