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On the anniversary of The Rebbe’s Yarzheit, many followers, including myself, were reminded of that “famous” letter dated the 3rd of Nissan of 5744. It was a line that would forever be a reminder of the importance of every single Jew.

“A Jew must never underestimate his or her tremendous potential.”

Since my last post on the lack of Jewish leadership during these troubled times, I can appreciate this sentiment as a compliment. I am not trying to brag. I would prefer not to be in this position. However, what has transpired since only encourages me and has brought me new opportunities and allies. For that, I am appreciative.

On one hand, I received gratitude from true activists, those who have given their time, efforts and money to stand on the front line for years opposing Anti Zionism, antisemitism while supporting causes like Soviet Jewry, Ethiopian Jewry, Holocaust education and opposing BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement).

These are the people on Zoom meetings at 2:00AM strategizing and assigning tasks among themselves to educate the public and assure some attention is being paid to an important cause. They aren’t paid, in fact, many spend their own money to ensure nobody feels left out or uninformed.


Those with those six figure salaries who additionally get perks like invitations to VIP events, media appearances and trips to Israel, well, they probably are not too happy with me.

I have heard from several directly on the reaction to the article in discussions in offices.

Apparently, Jewish organizations and candidates as a whole seem to expect people like me to automatically support their work and watch as they take the credit .

That is wrong. It’s time to DO YOUR JOB!

I’ll give two examples of real work that needs to be done.

Every year, when the New York City Department of Education shares its annual school calendar for the next year, I usually get calls about conflicts with Jewish holidays. Same around Sukkot, Passover and Shavuot.

Why are Jewish teachers calling me? Because their rabbis and the organization staff don’t respond or if they do, they can’t solve the problem.

I actually did the research years ago. Here is the front page of a court decision guaranteeing Jewish staff religious days off without retaliation or repercussions.

Here is another example. Before CRT became headline news, facts about Jews and Israel were already being distorted with prejudice in textbooks, lessons and curriculum. A few warriors took on the challenge to confront school boards and unions.

In 2016, I visited the offices of Assemblyman Brian Curran and asked him to sponsor a bill about oversight in the classroom. I brought in Dov Hikind, Laurie Cardoza-Moore and others and sat in his office for hours with his staff.

Legislation A.9057 was passed in the New York Assembly that would prohibit the use of textbooks and materials that redefine the roles of Jews, Christians, African-Americans and all groups in American History, and would create the New York State Textbook Commission to regulate instructional material used in New York State elementary school classrooms.

At the time, I was quoted in the press:

"Textbooks and instructional material used in elementary classrooms should not be promoting any particular political or social agenda. It should be an accurate portrayal of how history has unfolded, as best as we can interpret it. This legislation will be an example of how New York State can lead the way into the quest for nonpartisan improvement of education, serving all students equally, without discrimination or bias."

Rumor was that republicans in the state senate were interested in sponsoring it but feared revenge from the teacher’s union that was already heavily endorsing and donating to their opponents.

Imagine if they did, imagine if the legislationh had passed and was used today as the groundwork for more legislation for parental rights, ending hate and bullying and school choice. The potential seems endless.

When Randi Weingarten stated in 2021 that Jews as "part of the ownership class" are dedicated to denying opportunities to others was criticized by even liberal Jewish organizations and leaders, nothing changed. In fact, under her leadership BDS continues to be supported in classrooms and months ago she said it’s ‘antisemitic’ to mention Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg's ties to Soros.

Moving Forward

Jews, as a group, are in trouble. We need to help each other. For those who really are passionate about improving the current situation and climate, people like myself are here for you. My radio show is open to you. I would make every attempt to attend a useful meeting and support a rally or protest-if invited and if it would make a difference.

Until donors, voters and organization potential members see some effective results, we are not going to elevate a few people while the majority of Jews agree that times are not good and the current people in power are doing very little.

Would you keep going back to a restaurant that has poor service and bad food? Obviously the potential for better leadership is not hopeless, just like a better meal can be found elsewhere.

Jewish and Proud.

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