Israel Police
Israel PoliceYehonatan Weltzer/TPS

Police arrested a 23-year-old Beit Shemesh resident after he sent threats against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a Whatsapp group.

The suspect sent a message in a group with hundreds of members, stating: "So everyone will have a gun and an opportunity to put a bullet through Bibi's head."

The message was written in connection to a conversation in the group about distributing weapons to citizens following this week's deadly terror attack near Eli. The suspect wrote that the law doesn't interest him and that there is no need for a gun license to carry one.

The police opened an investigation, and the investigators quickly traced the suspect's identity. Beit Shemesh police station detectives detained the suspect on Thursday.

On Friday, the suspect was brought to court, where the police requested an extension of his detention for the continuation of the investigation. The judge found that the evidence pointed to alleged crimes of threats and even incitement to violence and decided to release the suspect on limited terms.