The new neighborhood
The new neighborhoodCourtesy

On Wednesday night, a new neighborhood went up in the Binyamin Region between the towns of Maale Levona and Eli, not far from the scene of the murderous attack at the gas station on Route 60.

The founders of the neighborhood point out that the location of the new "Hamor" neighborhood strengthens the Jewish hold on the Shilo-Eli sector of the Binyamin region and creates a continuity of Israeli construction along with other towns in the area.

The government has, with comparatively little fanfare, brought about a wave of achievements in all areas regarding construction in Judea and Samaria.

According to data published in the Israel Hayom newspaper, this is an impressive increase in the scope of construction - almost double the one recorded in 2020, which was considered the largest so far as the then Trump administration was pro construction in the region.

According to the data, at the start of the Trump administration, the number of housing units in the process of starting construction in Judea and Samaria was about 7,000, and in the last year of his term - which was considered a particularly successful year with regard to construction - the number of approved units reached 10,223.

Thus far under the Biden administration, the number of approved housing units now reaches 13,000 - twice as many approvals compared to those from the last year of former US President Donald Trump's term.

In addition to this, on Wednesday Prime Minister Netanyahu and Finance Minister Smotrich announced the expansion of the town of Eli by about 1,000 units as one response to the attack at Eli Junction, increasing the total number of construction permits in Judea and Samaria to an unprecedented number to this day.

In addition, this week the government approved a decision that will significantly shorten the approval procedures for construction in Judea and Samaria. Until now, under the Civil Administration of the region, five different approvals from the political level were needed, in contrast to the rest of the country - at the beginning of the process, when depositing the construction plans, publication, marketing of the project, and the final approval. Now, the government's decision leaves the political level's purview only to approve the start and end of the process.

Finance Minister Smotrich refrained from significant publications on the matter to avoid drawing US attention, and commented only: "The publication of the construction plans is great news for the citizens of Israel. Currently, we are at the peak of new construction when looking at the data by year. We will continue to lead the settlement of all areas of the Land of Israel in a clear and unapologetic manner."