Sky News Australia spoke to Ilan Srulovicz, CEO of a Egard Watches, an American-based deluxe watches company, who has released a campaign blasting "woke" values - specifically, transgender athletes taking over women's sports.

"There's a tremendous amount of pressure on corporate companies (to put out woke ads) or they won't get investments from groups like Blackrock or Vanguard...and every industry has been taken over by the Left - the media, Hollywood, corporations so until we start fighting back, it will be allowed to escalate," he says.

"Transgenders taking over women's sports is the most fundamental attack on truth we see in society these days," continues Srulovicz. "The denial of gender, the erasure of women is extremely dangerous. We exist in this binary right now where people either believe in absolute truths or don't...and we have this moral relativism which has kind of taken over society. And it's going to get very extreme to a point where we've gone so far as to put biological males with a history of assaulting women in prison with women."

"These things are happening in a secular, progressive society and no one is speaking out against it," he concludes.

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Video: Sky News Australia