Temple Mount
Temple MountHezki Baruch

Activists of the 'Return to the Mount' movement were arrested today (Monday) after they tried to make a sacrifice on the Temple Mount.

The activists arrived in the morning with a lamb in their hands to the Temple Mount - in order to sacrifice it to God. The activists claim this was an attempt at restoring the biblical daily offering mentioned in the Book of Numbers.

Jerusalem police arrested the activists near one of the entrance gates to the Temple Mount. The activists were blocked by police and detained for questioning.

The "Return to the Mountain" movement, which works for the application of Jewish sovereignty on the Temple Mount and the renewal of the Temple service, commented: "Bringing a sacrifice is the signal to start the struggle to renew the Temple service. In this month, when we fast to mourn the abolition of the sacrifice, the time has come that after two thousand years we stop crying and start changing the situation The sad thing is, the simplest and easiest thing that can be done right now is to start building an altar in its place and offering a sacrifice on it. This is something that is allowed according to the Jewish law, even though we are considered ritually impure. With God's help, starting this month throughout the year more annd more Jews will come to bring their sacrifices to God."