Harry Styles
Harry StylesREUTERS/Andrew Kelly/File Photo

The international singer Harry Styles performed last Saturday night in London in front of thousands of fans and shared with the audience the story of the participants of the show who keep the Sabbath.

Harry told during the event about his friends who walked for two hours to get to the concert without breaking Shabbat, and the audience cheered as he spoke.

A few months ago, the Israeli dancer Gaia Bommer Yamini danced at an event where Harry Styles appeared, and during the rehearsals, everyone told her where he was from, "and when I said I was from Israel, Harry said 'cool'," she told Ynet.

She said about the experience: "We talked about the sweets he likes, and I told him about the Mekupelet chocolate bar (known in other countries as the Chocolate Log candy bar) that is popular in Israel. He didn't give it any special importance, but he was very nice to everyone. He fooled around so much, but I was surprised by how seriously he took everyone."