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The Telegram channel of the terrorist organization "The Forces of the Galilee", which is inspired by Hezbollah, published a recorded interview with Abu Elfida, who was presented as the leader of the organization.

Abu Elfida stated that the organization was founded in 2011, its first martyr was Brigadier General Saleh al-Abdullah in the Syrian army, who fought against the rebels. In 2014 the organization established the group Ahrar al-Jalil (Freedom of the Galilee) in Northern Palestine which carried out several terrorist attacks against Israel, and later "Shabab Awdat Palestine" (The Youth of the Return to Palestine) which was the Palestinian arm of the organization.

In connection with this, Abu Elfida mentioned two terrorists who, according to him, acted on behalf of the organization: Alaa Abu Dahim from Jabal Mukbar in Jerusalem, who, in 2008, carried out the attack on the Merkaz Rabbi yeshiva in which eight yeshiva students were murdered, and Nashat Malham, a resident of Arara, who carried out the shooting attack on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv on January 1, 2016, where three were murdered and seven were injured.

Abu Elfida said that the organization relies on activists and not the infrastructure of existing organizations and advocates changing the method of engaging the Israeli army through training individuals to carry out attacks through self-preparation and surveilling the target ahead of time.

According to him, the organization was able to train young people "inside and outside Palestine" to carry out terrorist attacks, and deliver the necessary aid. Abu Elfida said that in the last two years the organization has carried out 29 or 30 attacks, not all of which have been officially accredited to his organization.

He claims that the perpetrator of the bomb attack in Megiddo in March of this year is still alive, and the explosive device he used was created in Israeli territory. It should be noted that, according to the official report, the terrorist who carried out the attack in Megiddo was killed by the IDF and ISA, while in possession of weapons and explosives.

He also said that more than two weeks ago, another explosive device was planted that was found by the Israeli security forces. He gave identifying characteristics to prove his claim, including the number 725 written on the device and F-725 written on a nearby tree. At the end of his interview, Abu Elfida stated that "Jihad in Palestine is a religious duty for every Muslim", that "all of Palestine is occupied", and that "the enemy is clear to us and we have no problem killing this enemy anywhere in the world".