Rats in building (illustrative)
Rats in building (illustrative)iStock

A girl aged two-and-a-half was bitten earlier this week by a rat in Bnei Brak - and she is now hospitalized, Behadrey Haredim reported.

According to the report, the girl's mother heard her cries during the night, and upon examining her daughter, discovered that she was bleeding in several places on her body. The child was then taken for medical care at Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center, where staff said that the injuries were caused by rat bites.

One woman wrote in a group of Bnei Brak residents on social media, "Hi, I work in the hospital. We just received a little girl whose arms are bleeding because of a mouse which had injured her, and I also photographed it. We cannot let this pass quietly!"

"I do not know who to turn to, but we must make noise and chaos, so that this reaches who it needs to reach."

Behadrey Haredim reported that recently, the Bnei Brak municipality allocated 20 million NIS to eliminate the rodents, and appointed a project manager for the issue.

A statement from the municipality read, "The plague of rodents in the city is a serious issue, and it is a very worrying nuisance. This issue is unfortunately well-known and it exists in a number of cities in Israel, but Bnei Brak has suffered severely from it, ever since the excavations for the light rail train began all along Jabotinsky Street."

The municipality also explained that they conducted "a unique and innovative pilot program which included increased cleaning, massive extermination, and encouragement of private garbage removal in the yards of homes."

"As part of the professional discussions, the Mayor is holding council with various cities, to examine steps and initiatives which were taken in Israel throughout the years. The pilot project is still ongoing, and aims to find an implementable and comprehensive plan which will produce results within a short time," a city spokesperson said.

"We are determined to do everything, and in any way, in order to eliminate this issue completely," the municipality promised.