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What happened to that story alleging a bribe scheme that netted Joe Biden five million dollars while he was VP? Abracadabra, it disappeared.

A story like this ought to be shattering news, and it was, for a day or two, and now, poof.

Impeachment hearings were sure to come. Or so you’d think. If it were Donald Trump, absolutely and pronto.

But it’s Joe Biden…Teflon Joe.

GOP Rep James Comer, chair of the House Oversight Committee, said he had the goods, enough to convene a Hearing on the alleged Biden scandal.

Fox News was on it and so were various news sites internationally, but from NPR, CBS, ABC, NBC, nada.

Like that fallen tree in the forest, domestically, the story made no sound.

So it’s 2016 to 2020 all over again, when Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell was quashed by Big Media, Big Tech, as were the Mueller and Durham Reports, which, number one, found no evidence of a Trump/Russia collusion, after a four-year multi-million dollar probe, and number two, found that there is indeed a Deep State, which manufactured the Russia Hoax against Trump.

Trump can relax, (you’d expect wrongly), as can his 85 million-plus voters? After all that digging, he’s been cleared, and the con artists have been exposed.

Maybe THEY should go to jail for the harm they did to Trump and the country? There ought to be a price for so much slander.

In a world of Truth, Justice, the American Way, yes, the con artists would be held to account, and Trump can breathe easy. But that is not the world we live in.

The world we live in is run by leftists, here, around the world, and even in Israel they won’t rest. They keep going after Netanyahu as here they keep going after Trump.

Trump never gets a break, and that’s the plot, that’s the scheme.

So here we go again with that federal indictment against Trump for mishandling classified documents…as if nobody else does this. Listen to Mark Levin.

Joe Biden does this. But that’s another tree that makes no sound. Hillary Clinton did this, and she actually destroyed the documents, which Trump never did.

Hillary gets off scot-free. Trump faces prison…and against Biden, nothing sticks.

That’s because the Democrats know how to play professional politics. The Republicans are in the minors, still lacing up their cleats.

Most certainly they lack the dirty street-fighting impulses so evident among Democrats.

Democrats waste no time. They go straight for the jugular, as it was when Senate Democrats set out to destroy Brett Kavanaugh when he sat for confirmation toward the Supreme Court. The MeToo Movement at its most punishing phase, find us, they said, a woman, any woman, who can say something, anything, to smear this man’s good name and reputation.

Find someone, they did, and she remembered no particulars except that 35 years ago some guy may have touched her, and maybe it was Kavanaugh and maybe it wasn’t.

But good enough for the Democrats to heap scorn after scorn against Kavanaugh, until he was driven to tears.

It was a test for the Democrats to find out if the people will tolerate so much abuse, and apparently, yes, we can.

So onward they go. With the con, they impeach Trump, they charge Trump, they indict Trump, one thing after another, with the full support of Big Media, Big Tech, Big Government.

The Democrats keep hitting homeruns.

The Republicans?

They can start something, but somehow lack the fury, the mojo, to finish the job. Investigations against the Bidens keep going and going with no deadline or headline.

The Republicans can’t even get to first base.

Meantime, possibly the most corrupt president ever sits pretty in the White House.

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