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An attempted stabbing attack occurred on Friday morning at the Rantis checkpoint near Ramallah.

A suspected terrorist who arrived at the scene tried to steal a weapon from a soldier and stabbed him. Soldiers who were at the scene shot the terrorist and neutralized him. The soldier was lightly wounded and taken to the hospital for treatment.

The IDF stated that the suspect arrived at the checkpoint in a stolen vehicle and attacked a soldier who attempted to inspect his vehicle. The military is investigating whether the incident was criminal or terrorist in nature.

On Tuesday, an Israeli was lightly injured in a shooting attack in Huwara, after terrorists fired more than 10 bullets towards his car.

MK Tzvi Sukkot (Religious Zionist Party) later visited the scene of the attack in Huwara and said, “I was making my way home from the Knesset, when I heard on the radio the report about the shooting attack. I came here…this vehicle was hit. A dozen bullets were fired at it. Miraculously, it ended without any deaths.”

“This has to stop today. The checkpoints must be returned. This is [a matter of] pikuach nefesh (preservation of human life). The person who sat in this vehicle was almost murdered. This cannot continue. The checkpoints must be returned, plus a wide scale operation in northern Samaria. We will do everything to make sure that happens,” stated Sukkot.