Magen David Adom (MDA) has been operating an advanced medical Air Ambulance in Israel for 16 years. As part of a new cooperation between Magen David Adom, Brook Aviation and Hatzolah Air, 2 new and advanced helicopters have started operations, crewed by MDA flight paramedics. The helicopters allow MDA medical teams to arrive at remote locations or complex scenes with advanced medical equipment, which other vehicles cannot access. Three weeks ago, MDA teams saved the lives of a passenger in a light aircraft that crashed in the Galilee, and using one of the new helicopters assisted rescue teams, along with the fire department and other crews to reach the scene.

The new Sikorsky 76 helicopters are staffed by some 30 experienced MDA flight paramedics, and the helicopters are larger, stronger and faster. The helicopters, which operate 24 hours a day all year round, allow easier and faster treatment for 2 critically injured patients simultaneously. The helicopters can reach 287 KPH and have an increased range of 761km, are able to land anywhere including roads, open spaces, mountain and rocky areas, and are equipped with advanced medical equipment including resuscitation equipment, medications, ventilators, and more.

Since they began operations in March, MDA teams have saved dozens of lives in the new helicopters, including a 12 year old injured in an ATV accident with a severe head injury, a 57 year who suffered a cardiac event in the Arava and within minutes was conveyed to the cardiac catheterization lab, a 21 injured by an exploding gas canister, vehicle accident victims, complex medical patients, and many others.

Brook Aviation CEO, Gil Peleg, said: "Brook Aviation is an Israeli helicopter company, our role as a flight company is to provide the flight elements and to ensure that we can pick up MDA's excellent paramedics, bring them to the scene in the fastest and safest way possible, and to provide the best medical care for the patient during the evacuation to hospital. We realized that the most important issue in order to provide the best medical treatment is the range, which is why we chose the Sikorsky 76. It's a very strong, very fast helicopter, with flight capabilities that are more advanced than those that MDA had until now in its Air Ambulances, that will allow the missions to be carried out in a safer way."

Hatzolah-Air President, Eli Rowe, said: "For over 20 years we have provided medical flights, mostly in the USA. The collaboration between Hatzolah-Air and Magen David Adom will assist many sick and injured across Israel, and will improve the Air Ambulance to a much higher standard."

MDA Director General Eli Bin said: "Magen David Adom has improved the Air Ambulance service in the south and north of Israel. Within the framework of Magen David Adom's collaboration with the IDF and other medical teams, we have added "Hatzolah-Air", that is an organization that provides daily air-medical services around the world. We have accumulated vast experience over 16 in the Air Ambulance, and today, along with "Hatzolah-Air" and Brook Aviation, we can operate a high quality and professional Air Ambulance service, with a fleet of new, advanced and larger helicopters, that are stronger and faster, and with some of the highest operational and medical capabilities. This service is based on the entire operational aspects and special abilities of the organization, in order to provide a level of excellence in the response provided to the State of Israel, any place at any time. MDA will continue to develop the medical services provided to Israel's citizens, in the air, at sea and on land."