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Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Shahram Irani has announced a regional naval alliance.

Speaking on television on Friday night, Irani said that the Gulf countries understand that cooperation is necessary in order to ensure their security.

According to him, there is already a three-way naval alliance between Iran, Russia, and China, with the three countries carrying out joint exercises each year.

"Soon we will bear witness to the fact that our entire region will be rid of any illegitimate force, and the peoples of our region will have control on the matter of security, by means of their own forces," he said.

Iran has consistently demanded the removal of US forces from the Persian Gulf, and it has territorial claims in some of the Gulf countries.

Regarding the other countries in the region, Irani said, "In the past we had joint activities with Oman, and now Saudi Arabia is moving in this direction, and there is also the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Pakistan, and India."

"Almost all of the countries in the area of the northern Indian Ocean have come to the understanding that they must stand by the Islamic Republic of Iran and achieve shared security."

According to Tasnim, Irani confirmed that the United Arab Emirates has withdrawn from a US-led naval coalition in the Persian Gulf.

"Today, the regional countries have realized that establishment of security in the region requires synergy and cooperation," Irani said, according to Tasnim.