Heat wave (illustrative)
Heat wave (illustrative)iStock

The heat felt around Israel in the past few days will reach its peak on Friday, with hot, dry weather and oppressive heat across the country.

In southern Israel there will be strong winds, and it will be hazy. There may be light local rainfall.

According to the Israel Meteorological Service, temperatures are expected to be at their highest since the beginning of the year, and may even break local records. According to the forecast, temperatures will be between 39 and 42 degrees Celsius (102.2-107.6 degrees Fahrenheit) in northern Israel, 43-45 degrees Celsius (109.4-113 degrees Fahrenheit) in the valleys, and 45 degrees (113) in the Jordan Valley. In the lowlands and coastal plains, temperatures will range between 40 and 43 degrees Celsius (104-109.4), while the central mountains and Jerusalem will see temperatures ranging between 35 and 37 (95-98.6) degrees.

Due to the heat wave, Israel's Fire and Rescue Services has issued a ban on lighting fires in open areas, including in areas of forest or scrub.

The heat wave is expected to break during the afternoon and evening, and Friday night may see local rainfall.

Saturday will see temperatures above seasonal average, and there may still be local haze, especially in southern Israel.

On Sunday, the heat will feel significantly less heavy, and there will be a gradual drop in temperatures, which will return to seasonal average.