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The Southern District Prosecutor's Office has filed an indictment with the Be'er Sheva District Court, charging Bahaa Abu Daher, 31, with weapons crimes.

Abu Daher, a resident of Khan Younis in Gaza, is a terrorist belonging to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). He is accused of weapons crimes, passing information to Israel's enemies, and attempting to infiltrate Israel.

According to the indictment, Abu Daher was a member of the Democratic Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. During his membership in the organization, between the years 2007-2014, Abu Daher was the leader of a cell whose goal it was to prevent IDF soldiers from entering Gaza. The cell was also responsible to fire at Israeli forces if they crossed the border, with the goal of causing the deaths of IDF soldiers and harming the State of Israel's security.

In addition, beginning in the year 2012 and up until his arrest, Abu Daher carried out observations of IDF forces' movements near the Gaza border, and photographed the border area. As part of these observations, Abu Daher and other operatives conducted reports of IDF activities, and reported them to the terror organization's leadership.

On April 30, Abu Daher and is neighbor Yasser Abu Medif arrived at the Gaza-Israel border equipped with pliers and a Palestinian Authority flag, intending to infiltrate Israel and cause damage to the border fence. After the two crossed the first fence, they were arrested by Israeli security forces.

Abu Daher is being charged with weapons crimes (carrying and transporting), membership in a terrorist organization, membership and activity in a terror organization, passing information to an enemy of Israel, infiltration, and damage to property.

The Southern District Prosecutor's Office has filed an indictment with the Be'er Sheva Magistrates Court against Abu Madif, 39, charging him with crimes of infiltration and damage to property.

At the same time, the court has been asked to extend the pair's arrests until the completion of legal proceedings against them.