Sharren Haskel
Sharren HaskelIsrael National News

MK Sharren Haskel (National Unity) tells Israel National News that she feels political vindictiveness on the part of the coalition regarding her bills that were previously also supported by members of the current government.

"There are quite a few things that are a kind of political revenge, such as the cannabis law, which the coalition parties pledged to promote before the elections, and now the proposal in the committee of ministers was unanimously defeated. It's a shame. They told lies to their voters," accuses Haskel.

Her current bill calls for banning cosmetic treatment for incarcerated terrorists and she hopes the coalition will support it. "Terrorists receive all kinds of treatments funded by the state after carrying out attacks against Jews, and there is no greater absurdity than that. I sincerely hope that we can pass the bill already in this session. It cannot be that a terrorist injured when the explosives in her car detonated prematurely can demand the state finance her cosmetic surgery. I hope to get the coalition's support on the matter."

Another law she proposed is already receiving support from some of the coalition members. "This is a very important law, which allows bereaved families to sue the terrorists or whoever is responsible for the attack that was carried out against their loved ones. For example, if the PA pays wages to the terrorists, bereaved families will be able to sue the for compensation for the damage caused to them. This will deter the Palestinian Authority from encouraging terrorist attacks and paying salaries to terrorists."

"Political cooperation is possible. We said from the beginning that if the coalition does good things for the State of Israel, we will support and vote for it. As much as the current government does bad things for the State of Israel, we will oppose and fight against them," she concluded.