IAF fighter jet
IAF fighter jetIDF Spokesman

The IDF’s main General Staff exercise began today (Monday), and will take place over the course of two weeks. The large-scale exercise will simulate intense multi-arena combat including air, sea, and land forces, as well as electromagnetic and cyber warfare.

The exercise will test the IDF’s readiness for an intense, prolonged campaign in a multitude of arenas.

Active duty and reserve troops from all commands, branches, and directorates will participate in the exercise. They will train in handling challenges and developing events in a number of arenas simultaneously.

As part of the General Staff exercise, the Northern Command will conduct an exercise that will focus on the training of the 91st Galilee Division during its first week and on the training of the 36th Ga’ash Division during its second week.

The exercise will also include operative plans for civilian population centers and efforts to save lives on the home front. This year, the operation of electromagnetic warfare control cells will be practiced for the first time. Their role is to formulate a situational evaluation in the field of electromagnetic warfare.

As part of the exercise, significant military traffic can be expected throughout the country, including land vehicles, naval vessels, and military aircraft.

The IDF emphasized that the exercise was planned in advance as part of the 2023 training program.

As part of the exercise, the Israeli Air Force will practice combat in a multi-arena configuration that includes extensive strategic strikes. The Israeli Navy will conduct combat training that includes strike and defense missions.