Lior Cohen
Lior CohenIJCF

Dear friend,

Lior Cohen, a devoted father, is sharing his family's heart-wrenching journey in a desperate plea for support. Lior's son, Chaim, was born with a rare and complex heart condition called hypoplastic left heart syndrome, leaving him without a left chamber in his heart. From the very first day of his life, Chaim defied the odds by surviving a severe heart shock that required immediate resuscitation.

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Chaim's battle has been marked by numerous surgeries and medical complications, starting with the "Norod" operation at just ten days old. Hospitalizations due to eating and activity issues followed, with a subsequent operation called "Gland" leading to a life-threatening moment when Chaim stopped breathing during the transfer to the operating room. Further challenges arose as his leg artery became blocked, causing swelling and requiring extensive surgical intervention.

Despite enduring tremendous hardships, Chaim showed incredible resilience and underwent a successful heart surgery after complex rehabilitation procedures. However, his road to recovery was abruptly disrupted when he experienced a stroke, leaving him with difficulties in eating and limited mobility in his right hand.

For nearly three years, Lior's family has navigated a tumultuous cycle of hospital stays and moments of hope, only to face a devastating diagnosis of severe heart failure. The doctors determined that Chaim's only chance of survival was a heart transplant. While Germany was suggested for finding a donor, Lior sought guidance from respected spiritual leaders who advised having the operation in Israel. Through the selfless act of an organ donor, Chaim received a life-saving heart transplant in Israel, but the journey to full recovery remains arduous.

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Today, Lior and his family remain deeply grateful for each precious day they have with Chaim, but the financial burden continues to mount. Ongoing treatments, check-ups, and hospital visits place a significant strain on their already complex lives. Lior's unwavering dedication to his family, including seven children, is evident as he works tirelessly as an educator, striving to support them with dignity. However, past debts resulting from their challenging circumstances have made it nearly impossible to make ends meet.

Compounding their struggles, Lior's other son faces visual impairment and requires ongoing medical attention, adding to the family's immense emotional and financial strain. For thirteen years, they have been on an unimaginable rollercoaster of hospitals, surgeries, recovery rooms, and resuscitations.

Now, Lior turns to you, dear friend, with a heartfelt request for assistance in alleviating their past debts and rebuilding their lives. Your support will provide them with the strength and hope to overcome this difficult time. Lior is profoundly grateful for any help you can offer, no matter the size.

Together, let us stand by Lior and his family, offering a lifeline of support and solidarity. Your generosity can make an immeasurable difference in their lives, offering them a chance to find stability and hope once again.

May you be blessed for your kindness and compassion.

Tizku L'mitsvots.

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