Coronavirus ward at Ziv Medical Center
Coronavirus ward at Ziv Medical CenterDavid Cohen/Flash90

Former MK Moshe Feiglin published on Twitter a Health Ministry response to queries regarding various coronavirus statistics.

In the document, the Health Ministry clarified that no adults without preexisting conditions who were between the ages of 18-49 at the time of their death, died of coronavirus.

At the same time, the Ministry emphasized that its information is "based on information which the patients themselves or their family members volunteered as part of an epidemiological investigation, if an investigation was conducted and the patient chose to share [the information] with the investigator."

Therefore, the Ministry emphasized, "The existing information does not necessarily reflect the patient's medical situation."

Feiglin, however, wrote that the government "locked you up in your homes, and stole a year of normal education from your children...all for a 'plague' which hurt zero citizens below the age of 50 without preexisting conditions."

Feiglin's statement ignores the significant burden of long COVID, which affects between 10-50% of those infected with COVID-19; 65% of those individuals were still suffering 1.5 years later. At the same time, it raises the question of how much a society is willing to do in order to protect its most vulnerable members.

The query to the Health Ministry also included a question on how many cardiac arrest events occurred annually between the years 2018-2022. Responding to this, the Health Ministry provided information on the years 2018-2020, but said that it had not yet received the information for the years 2021-2022, and thus could not provide this information.

Regarding the queries on the average age of death for vaccinated, unvaccinated, and partially-vaccinated individuals, the Health Ministry reported that vaccinated individuals who died of coronavirus died at an average age of 80.2, while those who were not vaccinated and died of coronavirus died at an average age of 77.4. For those who had been vaccinated but had missed their booster doses, the average age of death from coronavirus was 80.8.