Devora Sheetrit and Yossi Dagan
Devora Sheetrit and Yossi DaganShomron Regional Council spokesperson

The head of the Shomron Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, met on Tuesday with Devora Sheetrit, whose vehicle was fired at by terrorists on Monday night, between Tapuah and Migdalim, while she and her four daughters were inside.

In footage from the attack, shots can be heard fired at the vehicle, followed by Devora shouting to her daughters, "Get down, get down. Girls, are you all right?"

There were no injuries in the attack, but the vehicle was damaged. IDF soldiers searched the area for suspects.

Devora, 40, an optometrist by profession, a mother of four daughters, aged 12, 11, and twins aged 4, recalled the ordeal, "We are aware of the miracle that happened to us, a very big miracle, we were not harmed even though the bullet hit between the hood and the windshield. A few more centimeters and it would have hit me. I am aware of the miracle that happened to me, but I think that the government must act on the matter."

"I think we must have some kind of deterrence force in the region," she added. "We must not accept that such incidents happen again, another shot, another family that could be harmed? We cannot continue to accept it. We must act to achieve deterrence immediately."

Sheetrit asked Dagan to act to stop the next terrorist attack. Dagan replied, "There is only one answer to these serious attacks, and that is the return of the security checkpoints. We cannot continue to trust in miracles happening, a few minutes away from that spot, Hallel and Hagel Yaniv were murdered. Unfortunately, this government has not yet changed its approach and I say to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense and all the ministers: The government has direct responsibility for the security deterioration."

"The ball is in your court, you must turn the tables on what the previous government did, which brought a wave of terror upon us. We are sitting here with this wonderful family, it warms the heart to see these good people, the glory of the settlement in Samaria, the glory of the people of Israel and we will always be with you, but we have a responsibility. We will not agree that in the center of the State of Israel, dear families like this family will travel on the roads and feel like sitting ducks."

The head of the Shomron Regional Council added that "the government must reverse the reality and launch a military operation against the terror infrastructure of the Palestinian Authority, which everyone knows is behind this wave of terror. The government must immediately restore all security barriers. We paid in blood, we don't want to continue paying with blood that doesn't need to be shed."

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