I always knew that rash and fever could be a symptom of infection.

As soon as Sari broke out with a strange rash all over her body, I hurried to take her temperature.

She didn’t have fever, and she insisted that she felt fine.

I asked her if she’d eaten anything unusual or walked through high grass, but she shrugged and said that she hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary.

When the rash persisted, we went to the doctor who prescribed allergy medicine.

The medicine did the job, and the rash faded, but it returned again some time later. We went back to the doctor who prescribed a second round of medication. The rash kept coming and going, never with other symptoms, and though we tried to pinpoint the allergen, there was nothing obvious.

Sari was prescribed an assortment of medicines and underwent vigorous allergy testing, but except for the mysterious rash, there was no other sign of an allergic reaction.

Then, right in the middle of her four-year-old birthday party, there was a sudden thud.

Sari had collapsed.

Hatzolah came and rushed her to the hospital where we received the shocking diagnosis that solved the mystery of her rash.

Sari had a giant tumor in her liver, and cancer has been silently ravaging her body for months.

Who would have dreamed that a rash spelled cancer?

That dark day, we nearly lost our Sari.

Baruch Hashem, the doctors were able to stabilize her, but they warned that it’s a temporary situation at best.

The cancer was only discovered at a late stage, and her body is already filled with blood clots and infections.

Our Sari is a little fighter, and she’s battling her cancer vigorously. She’s enduring excruciating treatments that make her feel so sick and weak, but she keeps going on!

We’re doing everything possible to save her and stop the cancer from spreading to her other vital organs.

Sari needs round-the-clock care now and intensive treatment to save her life.

Constantly in and out of the hospital, we had no choice but to close the business that we’d built with our own hands, at least temporarily.

With no income and a terribly sick daughter, we’ve plummeted into terrible debt, and we’re reaching out with a desperate, tearful cry for help.

Help us save our little Sari!

Help us cover the costs of her treatment!

Don’t let our family collapse now when we need you more than ever!

Your gift means life to Sari and hope for our whole family!

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