Carmi Gillon
Carmi GillonYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Former Shabak (Israel Security Agency) chief Carmi Gillon, under whose watch the agency failed to protect the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, participated Saturday evening in a leftist protest against the proposed judicial reform.

During the protest, Gillon attacked the Netanyahu government, haredim, and the Religious Zionism party.

"The haredi and more religious Religious Zionist politicians are the Jewish jihad," Gillon was quoted by Haaretz as saying. "They are an absolute existential threat to the State of Israel."

Turning to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Gillon added, "Bibi, you're over with politics. Go home with a mark of shame on your forehead, and you will be remembered forever as the prime minister who nearly succeeded in causing Israel's destruction."

On Friday, television host Galit Gutman accused the haredi community of "sucking our blood" and "milking" secular society. She later apologized for her statements, explaining that they were made in the context of a discussion on the State budget and that she had not intended to hurt the entire sector.