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Of late, there seems some ignorance in the Israeli government about the Satanic George Soros. After Elon Musk very correctly attacked the apostate on Twitter, the ADL — as usual — rushed to Soros’s defense and accused Musk of fomenting anti-Semitism. No news there. The typical way to defend this most evil apostate of our time is by raising “anti-Semitism” as the red herring. In other words, no non-Jew may attack the despicable George Soros for all his many vile deeds without being tagged by ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt as an “anti-Semite.” And then, for some unfathomable reason, the Israeli foreign ministry echoed the defense of Soros.

Maybe that was the mistake of Zev Jabotinsky, Menachem Begin, Avraham Stern, and Yitzchak Shamir. Every time they were denounced by the British or the Marxist Socialists, instead of defending their views on the issues of the day and their reasons for taking the actions they did to liberate the Land of Israel from the British, they simply should have cried out: “Anti-Semite! Anti-Semite!”

It was wrong for Obama acolytes to denounce each and every criticism of the Obama presidency as “racist.” Yes, one of Barack Obama’s parents was Black. But his policies were not “Black.” They were just awful, destructive, and demanded sharp criticism. He was a horrible president, a foe of Israel, destroyed America’s cultural equilibrium and sent the United States into a tailspin from which it may not ever recover. That is not a “racist” opinion. Just a fact.

Likewise, it is wrong to uniformly censure attacks on billionaire George Soros as “anti-Semitic.” He is evil.

Ever since Jonathan Greenblatt, a woke former Obama White House official, took over the Anti-Defamation League, it reflexively screams “Anti-Semitism!” when critics fault Soros’s toxic projects.

Since it seems that non-Jews cannot speak the truth about that apostate without being tarred-and-feathered as “anti-Semitic,” it therefore falls upon established rabbis with authentic Jewish lifetime bona fides, like yours truly, to assert unequivocally that it is a mitzvah (a righteous act) — not “anti-Semitism” — to castigate George Soros for his radical attempts to undermine public safety, the American republic, and the Jewish country Israel. (I refuse to call Israel a “state.” It is a country, not Iowa or Delaware.)

I invite Elon Musk to quote me, a rabbi of 40-plus years, national vice president of Coalition for Jewish Values who represent 2,500 Orthodox rabbis on matters of public policy, with nearly a decade on the executive committee of the Rabbinical Council of America, the next time Greenblatt says it is “anti-Semitic” to attack that wicked apostate.

Political pundits of all stripes and means of expression, including tweeters, op-ed columnists, and political cartoonists, should condemn Soros. He is perhaps the most despicable person in public affairs.

Disbursing tens of millions of dollars, Soros has funded local campaigns across America to elect extreme-left district attorneys who agitate to defund police and decriminalize severe offenses. These prosecutors purposefully undercharge felonies as lower-significance “misdemeanors,” then plead them down to inconsequential “disorderly-conduct” violations. The result? A new term, “smash and grab,” has entered the American crime lexicon: criminals smash store windows, grab merchandise, flee, and are safe from serious prosecution.

Soros poured a whopping $125 million into a super PAC called Democracy PAC, noting the donation is a “long-term investment.” Prior to this, between 2015 and 2019, he and his affiliated PACs spent more than $17 million on local DA races. That number is believed to have topped $20 million from just 2020 to 2021.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner received $1.7 million from a Soros PAC for the 2017 campaign that put him into office, an unheard-of sum for such a race. The result? Record numbers of murders in the “City of Brotherly Love.” In Cook County, Illinois, Chicago’s State’s Attorney Kim Foxx received $2 million from a Soros PAC. Murder rates shot up. Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby was one of the first individuals Soros supported when he decided to fund woke prosecutors’ election efforts. Despite progressive Mayor Brandon Scott’s attempt at “violence reduction” strategies, Baltimore’s homicide rate rose.

In San Francisco, George Gascón, another Soros-backed DA, fought to end bail and co-authored Proposition 47, which reduced many felonies to misdemeanors. Prop 47 passed, making stealing goods worth $950 or less a misdemeanor, and you can guess what happened: The city’s property-crime rate went up 37% during Gascón’s time in office, and major department stores closed their doors and moved out.

His successor, Chesa Boudin, continued his woke policies, with predictable results as crime continued to climb: Burglaries rose nearly 50% right away. A number of brazen smash-and-grab robberies seized the nation’s attention. After ruining the “City by the Bay,” Gascón moved 384 miles (618 kilometers) downstate and ran for Los Angeles County DA. He outraised his incumbent opponent, a Black woman supported by law enforcement, almost two to one. Donating $2.25 million, Soros’s Open Society Foundations led the way.

If it is not “anti-Catholic” to condemn disastrous policies advocated by such Catholics as President Joe Biden and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, it is not anti-Semitic to condemn the pernicious Soros, who most significantly finances campaigns to elect such lawless DAs.

Yes, it would be anti-Semitic if a cartoon depicted Soros with a Jewish religious symbol like a yarmulke because Judaism as a religion and George Soros do not intersect. Even in a cartoon, a kipah of any style or size would not fit on Soros’s head.

In Israel, too, his evil and toxic hand poisons everything he touches. He has heavily funded J Street — no surprise there — an organization that works closely with boycott, divestment, sanctions advocates and that honors Israel-haters as invited guest speakers at J Street annual conferences. In Israel, Soros’s Open Society Foundation has donated to organizations accusing Israel of human rights violations and war crimes, such as “Breaking the Silence” and “Adalah.” In a 2016 leak of OSF emails, staffers said they sought to weaken ties between Israel and the EU and sow doubt about Israeli democracy. He is noxious.

Soros is working to destroy foundational principles and democratic institutions in both America and Israel. I am a rabbi with a lifelong career of Jewish commitment and devotion, and I cannot be more clear: It is not only patriotic but a mitzvah to stand up and condemn this enemy of all we as Jews hold dear.

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