Precocious little Sheindy entered the world on a cool, blustery morning two and a half years ago, to the delight of her parents and the entire family.

But not all was okay with the little girl, for she lay frightfully still and her lips were pale and blue.

Subsequent testing revealed a major heart defect which put her in critical condition and could only be corrected with invasive surgery.

Left with no recourse, Sheindy's parents tearfully gave their consent for their tiny vulnerable new-born to go under the surgeon's knife.

For the next while the family was torn asunder as the parents divided themselves between home, and the hospital, where their little girl lay, valiantly battling to survive.

Their finances, always tight, were now diminished as the parents were forced to leave their jobs, since all their time and energy were focused on Sheindy. It didn’t take long for them to become overwhelmed with debt, as all they had was swallowed by Sheindy's medical crises.

After some time, her condition stabilized and the family began to breathe a little easier.

But not for long.

Sheindy is not growing. At all. Unfortunately, the first operation was an epic failure and completely stunted her growth and development.

She is now in dire need of extensive surgery, which can only take place in Boston, in order to repair the damage the first one wreaked on her body.

But the parents, completely crushed and in financial ruin, barely managing to put bread on the table, have no way of coming up with the astronomical sum of $120,000!

The price it costs to save their child's life.

That's why we turn to you, our dear brothers and fellow Jews.

K'ish echad, blev echad – your donation, straight from your heart, will give Sheindy a functioning heart and enable her to live.

For we are like one. One nation. One man. One heart.

Click here to donate and give Sheindy a healthy heart