A Jewish Wisconsin teacher has been arrested for allegedly threatening students who drew swastikas.

Police in Grafton, Wisconsin said that the teacher threatened to shoot students who drew swastikas in his classroom, according to the Associated Press.

The middle school teacher faces felony charges for making terrorist threats and exposing a child to harmful material. The arrest came after he found swastikas on a piece of paper in his class.

Police in Grafton, a village 20 miles north of Milwaukee, have not released the identity of the teacher. They said in a statement that the John Long Middle School teacher said to his students that he had 17 guns in the basement of his home and he wasn’t afraid to use them.

The Jewish teacher, upset after finding the Nazi symbol drawings, also allegedly said he would have his daughter visit students at their homes with a baseball bat, WTMJ-TV reported.

On Friday, Grafton Superintendent Jeff Nelson said in a statement to families that the teacher was placed on leave and ordered not to have any contact with students while the investigation is in progress.