Elan Ganeles
Elan GanelesCourtesy

The two terrorists who shot US-Israeli citizen Elan Ganeles to death in February were indicted today (Monday).

According to the indictments, Luai Ma’arouf and Maher Shalloun jointly planned to carry out a shooting attack. To do so, they purchased a gun, ammunition and a vehicle. The defendants drove along Route 90 and began looking for Israeli vehicles and escape routes. They fired at several Israeli vehicles, and when they noticed the vehicle driven by the late Elan Ganeles, they approached it and opened fire. Their shots penetrated the vehicle’s windshield, causing his death. Afterward, the defendants fired at an additional Israeli vehicle, fled the scene and burned the vehicle used to carry out the attack.They were arrested on March 1.

Ganeles, 26, was on his way to a friend's wedding when he was murdered.

The two are charged with intentionally causing death, which is the equivalent of murder in Israel's military courts. Their detention has been extended until the end of the proceedings against them.