IDF strike in Gaza Strip
IDF strike in Gaza StripAtia Mohammed/Flash90

The Foreign Ministry is satisfied with the diplomatic aspect of Operation Shield and Arrow against the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror organization in Gaza.

Sources in the Ministry Stated that "during the operation, the responses that came through diplomatic channels, as well as the public ones gave widespread support for Israel's right to defend her citizens."

According to the sources, "Foreign Minister Eli Cohen was in direct contact with many of his counterparts and updated them on developments. The direct contact proved itself in many diplomatic announcements. When dissecting the international responses, we find that Israel's legitimacy was not only unharmed and was kept throughout the operation, it even improved."

Minister Cohen stated that "the widespread support that Isreal received from the international community is the result of arduous and professional diplomatic work by the Foreign Ministry workers in Israel and the world. The international community understands and supports Israel's operations against the Islamic Jihad terror organization, an extension of the Iranian terrorist regime. Israel's legitimacy to defend itself stayed strong during the operation and even improved. In my discussions with foreign ministers from the world and with foreign ambassadors in Israel, I heard that they support Israel's right to defend its citizens."

Minister Cohen told Radio 103FM that the operation was a significant success. "We showed intelligence and operational capabilities, I think we strengthened our deterrence. We changed the equation to one where we initiated and operated in a significant manner, and we managed to isolate Jihad," said Cohen

He added: "We showed that there could be internal arguments, but when it comes to the nation's security, we are all united. We get everyone back. To reach a specific person at a point in time when he knows he's wanted certainly improves our deterrence. Israel can get to anyone anywhere, and we proved it."

When asked if the annual Jerusalem Day Flag March could cause a renewed escalation, he answered: "We don't need to make any changes; Jerusalem is our capital. We intend for the march to carry on as planned.