There are multiple injuries and one death from a rocket fired by Gaza terrorists that hit a residential building in Rehovot on Thursday evening, Israel Police spokesperson Master Sgt. Dean Elsdunne confirmed.

“The police are asking the citizens of the city to please stay clear of the area and to allow the police officers to work,” Elsdunne said. “Explosive ordinance personnel are sterilizing the scene so that first responders can work efficiently.”

“We ask the public to as well listen to the Home Front Command [directive] of staying next to protected areas,” he added.

This Islamic Jihad terrorist organization has told i24News that the rocket which struck the building in Rehovot and the rocket which was fired at Tel Aviv yesterday and intercepted by the David's Sling system were both the Iranian-made 'Burak 85' long-range rocket.

Earlier, the IDF announced that over 550 rockets had been fired at Israel so far this week as of 2:30 this afternoon.

In total, there have been 175 interceptions by the Iron Dome and David's Sling system and 124 failed launches that landed inside Gaza.