rocket attack on home in Ashkelon
rocket attack on home in AshkelonAshkelon Municipality

Magen David Adom (MDA) provided an update on the number of people who have received medical treatment for injuries caused by rocket fire from Gaza during Operation Shield and Arrow this week

"Throughout today (Thursday) until 8:45 pm, MDA EMTs and Paramedics have treated 19 victims with both physical injuries and stress symptoms, including: 7 with physical injuries, 1 killed, 3 in moderate condition, and 2 in mild condition, injured by shrapnel, blast injuries, and glass fragments, and 1 in mild condition injured while seeking shelter in a secure room. 12 others were treated for stress symptoms," the MDA spokesperson said.

"Since the start of “Operation Shield and Arrow”, MDA teams have treated 51 victims of physical injuries and stress symptoms, including 22 physically injured: 1 killed by a direct hit, and 5 victims of shrapnel, blast and glass fragments: 3 in moderate condition and 2 in mild condition. 16 victims were injured while seeking shelter in a secure room all in mild condition. In addition, 29 victims of stress symptoms were treated by MDA teams, with some requiring evacuation to the hospital for further treatment.

"MDA is on high alert across the country and is in constant contact and collaboration with all the security services. We remind the public to adhere to the life-saving instructions of the Home Front Command, and in any medical need to call MDA’s 101 Emergency Call Center," the MDA spokesperson concluded.