Ido Avigal
Ido AvigalCourtesy of the family

Two years after five-year-old Ido Avigal was killed by rocket fire during Operation Guardian of the Walls, his mother Shani Avigal spoke about the family's enormous loss.

"Ido asked why they want to kill us, because we didn't do anything to them," Shani recalled to Galei Zahal Radio. "It's the little things that trigger memories for me - when I open the fridge and see the 'Milky' [puddings] - because he would eat tons and tons of Milky - or when I prepare only one sandwich."

"I didn't have a chance to say goodbye," she added. "We went into the safe room, like we had done dozens of times previously - and it was over."

Avigal and his family had been in their home's bomb shelter when shrapnel penetrated the room's window. Although both the metal shutter and the window itself were closed at the time of the attack, rocket shards managed to penetrate both layers of defense, killing the young boy.

Following the incident, the Home Front Command conducted an investigation of the incident and determined that the window did not meet with the required standards. The window was finally fixed three months after Avigal's death.