Likud MK Boaz Bismuth tells Israel National News that the elimination of three Islamic Jihad terrorists in Gaza is not a new policy but something the IDF has done in the past.

He adds that the government was elected in November on their pledge to use such measures to protect the citizens of Israel.

“This is something that we've done in the past. This is not something new, as you know, for Prime Minister Netanyahu’s sixth government, and he was elected again and again and again according to what he did, not according to what he promises to do,” Bismuth says.

“Unfortunately we have a complex situation, yet at thje same time, it's a very straightforward situation, meaning we’ve got on one hand Israelis who try to prosper and on the other side of the border we've got Palestinian terrorist organizations who live for killing us instead of thinking of themselves.”

He adds that unfortunately “this reality is not new.”

“What you have seen tonight is Israel choosing the timing, and eliminating Palestinian terrorists, by the way, who have blood on their hands.”

Regarding those who would accuse the government of creating unnecessary turmoil, Bismuth responds to critics by saying:

“For terrorist organizations there, they don't need any excuse in order to try and and kill us and to erase us from the Middle East and of course from our country, from our beloved Israel, so the timing, it’s not we who choose it. It's their ideology that chooses the timing.”

As an MK who speaks to the international media to present Israel’s case to the world, Bismuth comments that it’s not a lost cause but can be very challenging.

“I've been [presenting Israel’s case] for decades, and it's very frustrating when the reality of what's happening in Israel [is not understood]… on the contrary, our army is defensive. The last thing we want when we wake up in the morning is to kill anyone. Yet when it comes to terrorists, you deal with very evil people.”

According to him, he has to frequently explain to journalists how you have Israel which has to eliminate terrorists in order to protect its citizens and children, and on the other side you have terrorists who want to kill Israeli civilians and who don’t care if their children will be dead afterwards.

“This is a totally sick reality and I don't know many countries which deal with such reality. I think that is something that’s exclusive unfortunately for us in Israel. This is the reality we live in. I don’t understand that after all the world has seen with terrorism since 9/11 and what you’ve seen with Al Qaeda and what you’ve seen in London, Spain and Paris, they should understand that the war we are dealing with is exactly the same as the one they a’re dealing with.”

He continues: “I was very satisfied yesterday to see a member of the Polish Parliament saying that when Israel is waging its war in Gaza against terrorist attacks, they are defending Europe.”

Bismuth explains that many people in Europe are starting to understand this fact.

“It's the same way as the Abraham Accords were at the beginning, they did not really join it because it was President Trump and they did not very much approve of it because it was against the paradigm of a Palestinian State,” he says. “Now I think that they have started to understand the importance of the Abraham Accords, and also what it is to deal with terrorism, and even more than that, I see the declaration among Arab friendly states and I do believe that [internally] they understand that the war we're dealing with is exactly the war they're dealing with. Those terrorists are aiming for our way of life, for Israelis, Europeans or Arab states."