Ma'ayan Domnovitch, killed in traffic collision
Ma'ayan Domnovitch, killed in traffic collisioncourtesy of family and MDA spokesperspn

An indictment was filed today (Tuesday) against Yana Blum, the driver accused of causing the collision in which 10-month-old Ma'ayan Domnovitch on Independence Day two weeks ago.

According to the indictment, the test performed on Blum after the accident found an amount of alcohol 2.5 times higher than the legal limit, as well as an indication of driving under the influence of cannabis-type drugs.

Iliya Domnovitch, the father of Ma'ayan, opened his eyes last week after being seriously injured in the accident. His son Uri, who is seven-years-old, also woke up after being critically injured in the accident.

Ayala Domnovitch, the mother, was moderately injured in the accident, as were two more of their children.

The parents released a video after Iliya woke up in which they said: "Dear people of Israel, thank G-d this week I woke up and I was happy to discover the huge hug I received from you through prayers, religious ceremonies, good deeds, and Torah study. Thank you from my entire heart, I am genuinely moved."

"Thanks, of course, to the medical team at Soroka Hospital, who gave their heart and soul and managed to pull me out of the condition that I was in," he added. "Now we want to go out on a new path, go home, start recovering."

Little Ma'ayan Domnovitch was laid to rest at the Kfar Etzion cemetery a week and a half ago, while his parents were still hospitalized. His grandfather, Moshe, said, crying: "How do you eulogize a ten-month-old baby? And how does a grandfather eulogize his grandson? How can a father and mother not be at the funeral of their son? It's so difficult."