London (archive)
London (archive)Nati Shohat/FLASH90

Two arrests have been made in separate incidents of antisemitic verbal abuse in the heavily Jewish Stamford Hill section of London.

In the first incident, a Jewish woman who was walking on a Stamford Hill street on May 2 was accosted by the suspect who told her, “One day I will kill all you Jews!”

"The victim was shocked by this encounter,” Stamford Hill Shomrim said on Twitter. “We commend [Hackney Police] for their swift arrest of the suspect. Let's continue to stand together against hate and promote unity in our community.”

A second incident occurred several days later on May 7 in Stamford Hill in which a man shouting verbal abuse to a Jewish passerby was captured in a video yelling “Jewish mother******s” to the individual filming, according to Campaign Against Antisemitism.

In a separate video, posted by Stamford Hill Shomrim, what appears to be the same individual is seen standing on the sidewalk and giving the middle finger to a Jewish passerby while yelling, “F***ing Jewish.”

Suspects in both incidents have been arrested, according to Shomrim, who praised local police for their quick response.

Campaign Against Antisemitism noted that its analysis of data from the Home Office, the UK government department responsible for security and law and order, found that every day in England and Wales, the Jewish community experience an average of more than five hate crimes. Jews are also over fives times likelier to be targeted with hate crimes than any other British faith group.