Tzohar wedding
Tzohar weddingSpokesperson

With the onset of Lag BaOmer this week, the Tzohar Rabbinical Organization is preparing for a particularly “busy season” of weddings over the next several weeks. The organization’s teams of volunteer rabbis and bridal educators have no fewer than 365 weddings planned between mid-May and the end of June. On Lag BaOmer itself when the traditional Sefirat HaOmer restrictions on large-scale public celebrations comes to an end, 25 “Tzohar weddings” will be officiated around Israel.

Zivit Shafir, Director of the Tzohar Marriage Program says that her staff has been working intensively to prepare for this time of year. “We’re proud to say that we’ve been getting ready for many weeks and we’re thrilled to see how many couples are choosing to include Tzohar in this special time in their lives.” According to Shafir, couples come from all walks of Israeli Jewish life who welcome the chance for Tzohar’s inclusive and compassionate approach to the marriage process, which is completely in accordance with Israeli law and halacha.

Since its founding more than 25 years ago, Tzohar has been a part of the weddings of over 100,000 people making it the core program provided by the organization that works to provide practical services aimed at bridging gaps within Israel’s Jewish society. Tzohar provides a range of services both in advance of the wedding, where they assist with the registration process and provide marriage education to both brides and grooms and then the marriage is officiated by one of Tzohar’s volunteer rabbis.

“Each and every one of the weddings we’re invited to be a part of brings us joy and reminds us of the importance of this mission for the future of Israel and the Jewish people,” Shafir says.