The Greek Supreme Court has banned a convicted Neo-Nazi and his party from running in May 21 national elections.

The high court voted nine to one to block Ilias Kasidiaris and The Greeks party from participating in the national poll, VOA News reported.

But the court allowed a second far-right, ultra-nationalist party to run, stoking concern that it would simply take over the The Greeks voter-base and more easily win seats.

The Supreme Court decision was the first of its kind since democracy was restored in Greece in 1974.

In early April, Greece announced it was moving to legislate a ban on neo-Nazi parties participating in the May elections in response to Kasidiaris, previously a senior member of the far-right Golden Dawn party, running The Greeks from prison.

When Greek politicians, led by the ruling conservative party, attempted to prevent him from running the elections, Kasidiaris resigned from his leadership of the party and appointed a former Supreme Court prosecutor in his place.

The Supreme Court outlined in its 400-page ruling that it believed Kasidiaris was “undemocratic” for targeting minorities and left wing politicians while leading Golden Dawn, which has been designated a criminal organization. Many other members of the extremist group have also been imprisoned.

"This ruling is historic and it strengthens but also shields democracy," government spokesman Akis Skertso told the news outlet.

Recent polls gave The Greeks approximately four percent support, which is over the three percent threshold needed to gain entry into Greece’s parliament.

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