A survey by the Dutch daily Nederlands Dagblad has found that nearly 1 in 10 history teachers in high schools in the Netherlands have to deal with students in their classes who openly deny the Holocaust.

The problem is especially felt in schools with large numbers of students from migrant backgrounds, where Holocaust denial takes place at twice the average rate, NL Times reported.

The survey found that the troubling finding occurs in one fourth of history classes containing more than 25 percent of students from immigrant families, with those students frequently denying the Holocaust.

The survey also noted that nearly 20 percent of teachers reported that students frequently told them that the number of six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust was exaggerated and used by Israel “to justify the state of Israel’s attitude toward Palestine.”

The survey found that Holocaust denial is also frequently emanating from students with extreme nationalistic or far-right believes. Dutch university lecturer Marc van Berke, who worked on the survey, told the news outlet that teachers frequently reported that extremist students believed “that the Jews are striving for world domination and that the Holocaust contributes to a positive image of the Jews.”

In April 2022, a Dutch Jewish watchdog group reported that the number of antisemitic incidents recorded in the Netherlands reached a 10-year high of 183 cases in 2021.

The 2021 tally was a 35 percent increase over the previous year, said the Hague-based Center for Information and Documentation on Israel.