In response to the launching of 104 rockets from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip towards Israel from Tuesday afternoon through early Wednesday morning, the IDF attacked additional targets in the Gaza Strip before dawn Wednesday, including an underground terror tunnel, a site for storing combat equipment, military compounds, and a Hamas military position.

In addition, during the night, IDF tanks fired on Hamas military positions throughout the Gaza Strip. Furthermore, an IDF aircraft bombed a heavy weapon emplacement in the northern Gaza Strip from which gunfire was directed towards Israeli territory.

IDF spokesperson Brigadier General Daniel Hagari discussed the ceasefire in the south, telling reporters that 104 rockets had been fired from the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the latest round of fighting, of which 24 were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system, 48 fell in open areas, 11 landed in the sea, and 7 others are unknown.

He also referred to the rockets that hit a construction site in Sderot, injuring three foreign workers: "We have things to learn, and we have insights," and argued that contrary to reports, Iron Dome interceptor launches had a "90% success rate."

"Everything we wanted, we hit tonight - 16 Hamas targets, and underground positions of the Islamic Jihad," Hagari told Reshet Bet.

"Islamic Jihad fired the rockets, Hamas knew of it and allowed it. As far as we are concerned, [Hamas] is the sovereign power [in Gaza]."

Hagari refused to confirm whether Israel had agreed to a ceasefire.

"The messages that are being sent out and asking to stop [the fighting] are not official. The messages are not from us. We are in a sustained situation assessment and everything is on the table. We will act at the time and place of our choosing against Gaza. Soon we will also discuss opening the Kerem Shalom and Gaza crossings."