Boaz Bismuth
Boaz BismuthIsrael National News

MK Boaz Bismuth (Likud) spoke to Israel National News in the Knesset on Monday evening and said he believes that the judicial reform will ultimately be approved after agreements are reached with the opposition.

"I am an optimistic person by nature. I am a supporter of the reform and think that it is important for the balance between the authorities in Israel. There is a protest, the opposition sounded its voice and the uniqueness of the coalition and the government is that we are attentive not only to our voters but also to the protesters. That's why we softened it, then we suspended the reform and the conversations moved to the President’s Residence. I want to believe that we will reach broad understandings together with the opposition," said Bismuth.

He added that "the big challenge, as of the start of the Knesset’s summer session, is both how to pass the reform and also to remain a unique and special people."

Bismuth opined that now is not the right time for the right to pressure the government to take hasty measures.

"I don't think it's worth standing with a stopwatch in hand. We were told that we were only busy with reform, which is not true because there are a series of bills that we have already passed. If reform is the bread, then the cost of living is the butter, and we are taking care of both the bread and the butter," he said.

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