Boaz Bismuth
Boaz BismuthOlivier Fitoussi/Flash90

MK Boaz Bismuth (Likud) is not worried about the polls which show his party losing power.

Speaking to 103 FM Radio, Bismuth said, "There are no elections on the horizon, and there won't be elections for many more months yet - in my opinion, the next few years. The coalition is stable, and has come to work, to act. We are running a marathon. We made commitments and we are starting to keep our promises. I am not one who is flustered by low results in polls."

He emphasized, "I am not worried. Likud voters have expectations of us, and we have acted - it's just that the media is not reporting it. Other than the program for free education for ages 0-3, I am also speaking about the cost of living. During the winter session, we spoke the entire time about the [judicial] reform and the protest, but it wasn't said that the move to increase tax credits for parents and increase negative income tax passed its first Knesset reading."

"Everything is planned: We promised, we keep our word. This government is functional and has been working for several months, but it is here for four years. Give us time. If the judicial reform was really the bread of the start of this government's term, the cost of living is its butter. We can work on both. We are capable of doing many things... We not making things up on the spot, we are working in an organized and planned fashion."

"The previous government did not really take the public into consideration," Bismuth added. "The Prime Minister and Justice Minister are working well together. I understand that there is a desire to make it look like there are disagreements and even more than that - it's completely not true. There is a desire to create a false front."