Ma’ayan Domnovitch,
Ma’ayan Domnovitch,courtesy of family

Soroka Medical Center today (Sunday) provided an update on the condition of the members of the Domnovitch family who were injured in a serious car accident in the Negev on Independence Day last week.

The family's youngest member, one-year-old Ma’ayan David Domnovitch, was killed in the crash.

Uri, Ma'ayan's seven-year-old brother, remains in critical condition with a head injury four days after the accident. His life remains in danger, and he continues to be kept under sedation and on a ventilator.

The father remains in serious condition with multi-systemic injuries and remains under sedation.

Two children, ages four and six, who were moderately injured in the accident, have been released from the hospital. The mother, Ayala, remains hospitalized in moderate condition.

Ma'ayan's aunt Yarat said in an interview with Reshet Bet that the two children who have been released from the hospital have been told of their little brother's fate.

"We told the children that there was an accident, that the doctors still need to treat their mother and father - and that Ma'ayan will not return to us. A long road to recovery will be required here."

"I call on every driver to think twice before getting behind the wheel," she added in reference to the arrest of the driver of the other vehicle on suspicion of driving under the influence.

The driver, Yana Blum, faces charges of reckless homicide and well as driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Her detention has been extended until Monday.

Police stated: "A blood test taken from the driver immediately after the accident found an amount of alcohol three times the legal limit, as well as a marijuana-type drug."