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They say that Biden is scoring poorly at the polls. His numbers, says Fox News, and even the others, are way down.

What numbers?

The figures show him at 54 percent unfavorable; 45 percent favorable.

Yes, 45 percent favorable.

Which means that almost half the country, the stupid half, thinks he’s doing a good job, and can’t wait to vote for him again.

Never mind that even the first time, many say, he won through trickery. Table that for another time.

This time, again, the mavens are still perplexed at how a bumbling fool keeps rising to the top; which can be explained via the Peter Principle.

Mediocrity Also Rises.

So, they continue, one reason for his unpopularity is that he refuses to meet with the press.

Well, he did not meet with them around 2020, either, and it did not cost him, and besides, most of them are on his side anyway.

It’s a Millennial thing.

In Israel, it’s a Leftist thing, as when Leftist leaders, like Yair Lapid, travel to America to dish the dirt on their own country.

Something like that is seldom done when Americans travel abroad, even when held hostage, though for Biden, Lapid is the man. Glatt Kosher.

Then the mavens say Biden’s falling numbers are due to his refusal to go out there and campaign. Even his announcement for 2024 was done low key.

Don’t they know? Have they forgotten?

That is how he got away with it the first time… by hiding in his bunker…and letting Big Media do the dirty work for him.

There is no need for him to do ANYTHING. The less he does, the better, and he knows this. The media know this.

They serve amply as his campaigners…and act swiftly to cover up his flaws.

Why change anything that succeeds?

He can, once again, count on Late Show hosts, like Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon. and Stephen Colbert, to tout for him and against Trump,

What, by the way, does Jimmy Kimmel do for a living? He certainly is not funny. Here’s another nobody making it in a culture that has forgotten what’s good.

For real talent, check out any few moments from Johnny Carson, on YouTube, and see how far the culture has tumbled.

Generations out there think it’s funny when Kimmel spoofs Trump with the same tiresome material, and now Tucker Carlson.

Kicking a man, Tucker, when he’s down, is so lame, and is precisely what passes for humor these days when bitter is taken for sweet, sweet for bitter.

Just so it is when we are served nothing but mediocrity and swallow it as delicious…for lack of what’s true, genuine, and worthy.

Which leads us back to Biden, a man who knows he is unworthy, but is astute enough to know how to play politics, if nothing else.

This knowledge escapes the media mavens, who have forgotten this principle…that Democrats will always vote for Democrats…no matter what! The polls be damned.

They voted for Biden, even knowing his history as a plagiarist, and in Chicago they ousted one Democrat, for Mayor, only to be replaced by another Democrat, even more to the Left.

His alleged touching girls and women the wrong way, even at the height of the Me-too Movement, likewise did not deter Biden’s voters.

Republicans are a moveable feast. Never Democrats. They are tribal.

Trump’s rallies drew thousands. Biden, the few times he left his basement, drew a dozen or two.

Biden’s handlers know how to handle their man…keep him hidden…and, like Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber once said, trust the stupidity of the American voter.

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