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A Brazilian court has temporarily blocked messaging app Telegram from the country after it refused to agree to an order sharing information with authorities on neo-Nazi and extremists groups on its platform, Reuters reported.

The court also increased Telegram’s fine to one million reais ($197,780 USD) for every day it ignores the order.

The suspension was asked for by the federal police after Telegram ignored a court ruling to provide data on several neo-Nazi groups using the app who allegedly incited violence in schools.

The judge ordered telecommunications companies in Brazil to suspend access to Telegram until the company complies with the request.

The police had asked for the contact information of administrators and members of the extremists groups, including phone numbers. In response, Telegram provided “limited information” on Friday, the G1 Brazilian news site reported.

Telegram describes itself as a social media app that is based around user privacy and notes that its user chats feature end-to-end encryption.

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