Israel Ganz at the demonstration in Jerusalem
Israel Ganz at the demonstration in JerusalemSpokesperson

The Jewish People deserves the freedom to choose! And the Jewish People has chosen Zionism and has chosen to build towns and villages in Judea and Samaria – but the judges have chosen otherwise!

They try to tell us that the nation needs a policer that will determine what justice is, that there must be judges who will set the correct values. And I ask: Is destroying houses in a Jewish village for the sake of destruction justice?? Preventing the construction of Jewish communities in the heart of the Land of Israel – is that justice??

Discriminating against Jews in the courts – is that justice?? Uprooting and banishing families from Amona and Givat Ha’Avot and Migron – is that justice??

When judges and lawmakers bind the hands of the public’s elected representatives, that is not justice, and is definitely not democracy.

The public from the Jewish towns and villages in Judea and Samaria who are here with hundreds of thousands from all over Israel, loves this country and loves its brothers from all over Israel very much. Our fate and theirs is intertwined: urban boulevards and hilltop summits, Ariel and Givatayim, Ofra and Ofakim, Alon Shvut and Kiryat Motzkin, Eilat and Immanuel – we are all one being. We are all one nation. A nation that wants to live together in peace and make its own decisions via the public’s elected representatives. We want a strong justice system that focuses on its duty and respects the public and its will.

We are an outstanding nation!
We are a nation with values!
We are a nation of mutual respect.
A nation of kindness!

Not far from here that are some who believe we are dangerous. We remind them of “processes”… People who perceive us that way are afraid that most of the nation will truly be in power… But you, the wonderful people and the amazing families, the girls and boys, our awesome young people – prove that the Jewish People is here – and the Jewish People is alive – Am Yisrael Chai!”

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