Meir Porush
Meir PorushArutz Sheva

Jerusalem Minister Meir Porush (United Torah Judaism) on Thursday morning emphasized the haredi parties' support and commitment to passing the judicial reform, clarifying that all of those who voted for the haredi parties support the demands made by those participating in the million-person protest planned for Thursday evening.

On Thursday evening, the "million-person protest" will be held outside the Knesset, with right-wing demonstrators demanding that the planned judicial reform be passed, despite opposition by the left-wing camp.

According to Porush, every haredi voter can be added to the count of those attending the protest in favor of the judicial reform.

Speaking on Kol Barama Radio, Porush said, "We support and demand the judicial reform. We spoke about the need for it 20 years ago; 280,000 UTJ voters and around 400,000 Shas voters support the reform - you can add them to the number of protesters this evening."

He emphasized, "I do not agree with the article published in Yated Ne'eman. To my understanding, the article was intended only for yeshiva students, who go out only at the instruction of Torah sages."

"We ask, demand, and think that this reform must be done."