An Australian Jewish leader denounced the public celebration last week by a group of 20 neo-Nazis of Adolf Hitler’s 134th birthday.

The Melbourne party for the Nazi leader was described as “stomach-churning,” reported.

Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) chair Dvir Abramovich told the news outlet that the Nazis were filmed performing the Nazi salute at a family restaurant last Thursday.

Photos of the hateful celebration at the Bavarian restaurant at Victoria’s Knox City Shopping Centre were shared by Abramovich. They showed the men raising their hands in Nazi salutes and one holding a photo of Hitler. Another was carrying two “H” balloons.

Abramovich, who is leading the push to ban the swastika across Australia and to criminalize the Nazi salute, described the party as a “sad and dark day for Australia’s democracy.”

“Something is very wrong in Victoria, and we should be all alarmed by this brazen and stomach-churning outrage that will forever be a stain on our state,” he said. “This beyond despicable display of Hitler worshipping and depravity belongs in Nazi Germany of the 1930s, not in a local restaurant where parents and children gather.”

He added that “in the very week that the Jewish community across the country commemorated and mourned the systematic extermination of six million Jews at the hands of the Third Reich and its collaborators, these hardcore white supremacists celebrated the birthday of the very monster responsible for the gassing of mothers and babies and the shooting of families in open fields.”

Abramovich demanded that Victoria Premier Dan Andrews use the incident as a “wake-up call” to take action to tackle the growth of neo-Nazi groups in the state, which he described as a mounting problem.