The IDF celebrated the 75th Independence Day of the State of Israel with a celebratory flyover and opened a number of bases to visitors which were visited by more than 200,000 people.

This year's flyover was held in a special format, allowing any resident to watch it within a twenty-minute drive from their home, at any given point throughout the country. The flyover was the largest to take place in recent years, passing over dozens of major cities all over the country, from the town of Dan to the city Eilat.

This year's national flyover was based on the theme "Together All the Way". The theme puts an emphasis on the varying, diverse groups that make up Israeli society and the shared Israeli story.

This year, for the first time, the Israeli Ground Forces participated in the event in honor of Israel’s 75th Independence Day. State-of-the-art Merkava Mk. 4 tanks displayed shapes of Israel’s national symbols and the show was led by soldiers and commanders from the Armored Corps.

The flight took place with the participation of over 100 Air Force aircraft, including for the first time, the F-35I "Adir" Aircraft and the old timer North American T-6 Texan Aircraft.

In addition, there was a foreign flyover of the air forces from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. As part of the foreign flyover, the aircraft of the foreign militaries flew alongside the aircraft of the IAF as a symbol of the cooperation between the countries.