Independence Day flyover
Independence Day flyoverEliran Aharon

The traditional flyover in honor of Israel's 75th Independence Day will take place Wednesday morning and early afternoon - this year, with foreign pilots joining the celebrations.

The flyover will begin at 9:20a.m. and include fighter planes, fighter jets, refueling and cargo planes, and more. The aircraft will be flown by IAF pilots in both regular service and reserves, and Israel Police and firefighting aircraft will also take part in the events.

The IDF emphasized that it is forbidden to fly drones and model airplanes near the flyovers, since they pose a risk to the aircraft participating in the flyover and to the public watching it.

Following are the times for the Independence Day flyover:

F-35 (Adir):

Haifa: 9:25
Ramat David base: 9:35
Jerusalem: 9:55
Tel Nof base: 11:05
Tel Aviv: 12:00
Air Force Museum: 12:20


Ramat David base: 9:25
Haifa: 9:35
Tel Aviv: 12:40
Tel Nof base: 12:50

IAF aerobatics shows:

Tiberias: 9:29
Haifa: 9:51
Air Force Museum in Hatzerim: 11:50
Tel Aviv: 12:12
Tel Nof base: 12:36
Ramat David base: 2:09
Jerusalem: 2:27
Ashdod: 2:49

"Harvard" (North American T-6 Texan) planes:

Tel Aviv: 9:20
Tel Nof base: 10:00

At 11:50, the IAF will hold a special flyover saluting those who are physically disabled, over the Ilan Center in Haifa.

Jerusalem will see Italian Eurofighters at 1:08p.m., followed by German Eurofighters and F-16s at 1:12p.m., and Beechcraft T-6 Texan IIs at 2:28p.m. In Be'er Sheva, the Beechcraft T-6 Texan IIs will pass at 2:12p.m.