Lee Zeldin
Lee ZeldinREUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Former Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin on Monday endorsed former President Donald Trump, becoming the latest current or former Republican lawmaker to back the ex-president ahead of the 2024 primary, The Hill reported.

“The GOP is filled with amazing talent to save our country from the failed policies of the Biden Admin,” Zeldin posted on Twitter in a statement shared by the Trump campaign. “Our nominee in 2024 will be the 45th & 47th POTUS, Donald Trump. Our economy will be stronger, our streets will be safer, & our lives will be freer. He has my full support!”

Zeldin last year ran as the Republican gubernatorial candidate in New York, and was defeated by incumbent Gov. Kathy Hochul. Zeldin was endorsed by Trump during his campaign in New York.

Zeldin was the target of an antisemitic death threat in June of last year.

In July, he was attacked following an upstate campaign event and escaped unharmed. The accused attacker, David Jakubonis, later claimed he had been drinking that day and didn’t know who the congressman was.