Ben Gvir and the Mayor of Tayibe
Ben Gvir and the Mayor of TayibeNo credit

National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir on Friday told Shuaa Mansour, the Mayor of the Arab city of Tayibe that "your friends are voting against the weapons law and thus harming your children".

He was referencing a law being promoted by the government that would reduce the phenomenon of illegal weapons.

Last month, the Knesset approved a bill that will allow police to search for illegal weapons without a warrant, and which is meant to provide the police with tools to crack down on illegal weapons trafficking, particularly in Arab communities.

The conversation between Ben Gvir and Mansour took place when the minister visited Tayibe following the murder of Mansour’s security guard overnight Thursday.

The Mayor told Ben Gvir in the closed conversation, the details of which were published on Channel 12 News, "I received you in my home because you are the minister in charge of my security and the security of the Arab citizens, and not because you are Ben Gvir. We are tired of slogans and populism, only actions on the ground will speak to me."

Overnight Thursday, Adir Ganem, 25, a security guard of the mayor was shot dead as unknown gunmen opened fire towards Mansour’s home.

"We must have a strong National Guard that will also be in Tayibe, that will also be in Wadi Ara, that will be in Lod, that will be in Acre, the Negev and the Galilee and will respond to the residents who live here, will respond to those who demand protection from them, to the reality that spills over from the Arab sector to the Jewish sector and harms the personal security of all of us," Ben Gvir said during his visit to the city.

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"החברים שלך מצביעים נגד חוק הנשק"

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