Benaya Peretz moves his leg
Benaya Peretz moves his legcourtesy

Benaya Peretz, who was seriously injured in a terrorist drive-by shooting at the Tapuah Junction in Samaria two years ago, has begun to move his legs for the first time since the attack after underdoing an experimental surgery in Bankgok, Thailand last Friday.

Ophir, Benaya's father, updated Samaria Regional Council chairman Yossi Dagan on the good news. Immediately afterwards, Benaya had a ZOOM call with Dagan.

"It's a little difficult for me to take in the situation, I'm very excited. I came here to give it my all so that I can go back to walking and, thank G-d, we are seeing progress. Thank you to all the people of Israel for their prayers and support," Benaya said.

Dagan replied: "I saw the videos from your father that you are starting to move your legs and I just started crying. You move all the residents of Samaria along with all the people of Israel. You are a true hero of Israel."

"Seeing your smile and your faith - despite all the difficulties your starting to move your legs is a tremendous moment. With G-d's help we will still run together. You will see that just as you spoke in the hospital after the attack, about your dream, you will enlist and become a soldier in an elite unit as you wanted and as you learned in the yeshiva In Itamar. You strengthen all of us, the entire nation of Israel with prayers and hopes for your recovery, we love and adore you," Dagan told him.

Zviki Goldberg, who led the crowdfunding campaign which funded the surgery, stated: "We receive hundreds of requests from various media sources demanding updates on Benaya's condition, the people of Israel are concerned and want to know how Benaya's journey is progressing. The first movements are very exciting and indicate the beginning of the journey to return to life."

Benaya has months of rehabilitation in Thailand ahead of him before he will be ready to return to Israel.